Breaking Real Estate Photography Rules

Stereotypical real estate photography “rules” say stick the camera in the corner of the room and shoot as wide as you can… all the time. 

I say get a good establishing shot or two of the whole space, shot sufficiently wide, then get to telling the story with proper compositions. 

A photo like this one tells the story through composition. It shows beautiful light falling through a tall, well placed window.  Hardwood and marble tile flooring and the way the space will accept beautiful furnishings.  The thoughtfulness of a barn door to the bathroom.  

And finally there is that glimpse of the tub and shower in the master bath.  Just enough to provoke the viewer to imagine what it must be like to walk through that door at the end of a long day and draw a nice soothing bath to help relax the stress away. 

More is not always better… many times the trick is to simply find the right balance of enough.

New Construction Home in Wake Forest

This was definitely a fun house to photograph.  The architect did a good job of placing windows in such a way as to let the ambient light fall nicely across most of the living area.  And it shows in the photos.

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