New Portfolio Image From Real Estate Photography Photo Shoot


I absolutely love the way this image from a recent real estate photography job turned out!  You might already know how much I like single point perspectives.  And this photo was perfect for that type of composition.

The leading lines along the floor and ceiling that pull the eye to the alcove with art work on the far side of the room give this photograph a ton of energy and balance.  And it certainly helps that there is a point of interest on each of the flanking walls.  The window on the right and the opening to the butler's pantry on the right.  

The process for this was similar to what I do for most on my best interior photographs.  Lots of ambient light plus a little flash to clear up a couple of issues and enhance the light spilling into the dining room from the butler's pantry.   The main issue that was handled with flash was getting a little visibility through the windows.  The sun was actually blasting in through these in a pretty strong way.

The challenge for a real estate photographer is finding a way to spend the time necessary to do all these things on site so that the results will be as good as possible.  That’s why it typically takes me a little longer on site, but I think the results are worth the time investment.