The Redesigned Website of Architectural and Interior Photographer Bob Fortner

Welcome to the new look!  It's been a while in the making, but I'm finally done and am proud to present to you the brand new Bob Fortner Photography website.


I had a couple of goals in mind when I started this project.  One was to find the best way to showcase my architectural and interior photography for potential new clients to investigate.  The second was this blog.

I wanted a way to do more than just publish my photography.  I wanted to share my thoughts on the spaces that I photograph as well as what goes into actually creating the photos.  A place to talk openly about what I do, and my thoughts and feelings about the spaces that I capture in photos.

I love great design.  It's all around us and is certainly worthy of a good discussion.  Think about all the things you interact with in your typical day and the huge difference that design makes on your enjoyment of these things and the utility they provide.  Your car, mobile device, computer, clothing, shopping and dining establishments, and of course the place you live and where you work are all made better through great design.  It's those last two that I'll be discussing here.  

The place where architecture and interior design meet human needs and the the builder translates that great design into a functioning space is really interesting.  Well designed spaces are of course enjoyable to look at, but they are so much more.  Beyond the pleasing aesthetics is the thing that causes you to want to spend enough time there to enjoy what it looks like in the first place.  It's the design and how well it caters to the needs of the people it was created for that causes the attraction.

Home should just feel right.  It should be the most comfortable place you can be.  A place where life happens, the good and the not so good, but a place that feels real to us.  A place where you go to when you want familiar surroundings that are well thought out and everything is where it needs to be.

Work should really be similar in a lot of ways.  It should be a place where you can do your best work.  Where you can think, create and produce.  Where you can effectively serve the needs of your customers.  Your business, restaurant, hotel or store should be a place where all your tools and resources are within easy reach and you can be your best, most productive self.  A place where your customers feel comfortable and well served and your employees look forward to spending a good part of their day.

I salute the architects, interior designers, and builders who make these things happen for all of us.  It's no easy task.  It takes great effort and focus to make home and work function well.  The amazing men and women who design and create our spaces have a huge impact on how we live.

My job is to capture all that in the two dimensional format of photography.  And for me the third dimension is how well you understand what a space is all about when you look at one of my photos. The thing that makes a photograph great is how it causes you to feel.  If you can look at one of my photographs and feel like you are IN the space... I have succeeded.

These are the things I want to explore here.  And I welcome you to return often and continue on that journey with me.

Bob Fortner